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"More POP, Coffee culture.
A Fresh and new experience."

I was born in Miyazaki, located in the southwestern part of Japan.
It is a city that embodies naturalism and diversity and is famous as one of the best surfing spots in the world.
I spent my childhood in Miyakonojo City, a city rich in nature and historical buildings, where the famous Ryoma Sakamoto visited on his honeymoon.
My ancestors were the lords of a samurai family called Hagimoto Yashiki, and they had many samurai with them at the end of the Edo period.
Perhaps inheriting the belligerent DNA from my samurai ancestors, I devoted my youth to wrestling.

After graduating from high school, I moved to the Kanto area and immersed myself in a speedy and exciting daily life with highly insightful people.
By the time I turned 20, I was traveling all over Japan for work. As I traveled around the world and met executives who transformed every minute and second into value, I became strongly motivated to make a significant change in society within the limited time of my short lifetime, and at age 25 I started my own advertising agency.

By chance, I had many opportunities to help local Miyazaki venture companies, and I was able to meet wonderful friends who have their roots in Miyazaki.
Baristas, pastry chefs, chefs, engineers. They were young, confident, and ambitious.
Working with them, we opened a cafe in Miyazaki, our roots, with the hope of spreading the products, culture, and space created by our friends in Miyazaki to the populace.
We had both failures and successes, but we named the cafeteria "GHOST" with the message, "Let's live each day better than ever so that when we die, we won't regret it.
Everything from branding to store creation is handmade. I remember working with GIN, who was studying coffee in Melbourne, all day long painting concrete on the walls.

Our dream is to expand this brand throughout Japan and even the world, and "go global from Miyazaki.
Nothing would make us happier than to create a virtuous cycle of "enthusiasm," especially for those with passionate aspirations and ambitions, by constantly providing fresh and endearing inspiration to all the people and products involved.
We have been and will continue to challenge ourselves.

From the moment we are born, we start walking toward death.
Therefore, we do not know when we will die.
We live our lives to the fullest now so that we can die at any time.

We have never and will never stop challenging ourselves. Until the
day we become GHOST.

StayFresh Co Ltd.,
President George Hagimoto










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